Hogwarts Will Always Be My Home

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Believing in magic is a choice — choose to believe in it, and you will see it✨ Who else ran through the woods casting spells when they were a kid? ME! And I was totally made fun of for it too. I stayed up in my room reading fantasy novels living in my own world when I wasn’t fighting vampires in my backyard.

Fun fact: the first wand I ever got was the collectors edition of Hermione’s from FOA Swartz in NYC. And then I lost it in the woods😂 Of course! My second wand was from amazon and I broke it, and my third is from a small business near home.

I always felt like I related most to Hermione as a character, but now that I’m ‘kind of’an adult I’m seeing way more similarities between me and McGonagall — saucy with responsibilities📚 There was this one time that I brushed our my curls for school to match Hermione’s hair and I looked more like Hagrid instead! It was hilarious and of course for Halloween🎃

There’s a lot to be said about someone who just wants to be happy and themselves as younger adult. Believing in magic isn’t ridiculous — it’s essential. Especially in times of darkness and doubt.

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