Pros & Cons of Coffee

Hey babes! Today I’m going to be talking about the pros and cons of drinking caffeinated coffee. As a singer, this is very important to me as usually coffee is a no-go for the vocal folds (voice).


  1. helps muscle pain after working out
  2. increases your fiber intake
  3. lowers the risk of Type Two Diabetes
  4. makes DNA stronger
  5. life longevity


  1. increases stress levels
  2. can cause stomach ulcers
  3. dehydration
  4. causes heartburn
  5. causes headaches and hallucinations

My personal experience with coffee is almost none existent. Usually when I drink coffee its if I have a long drive, need to study during the night or I just want a PSL. As a singer, I know caffeine dries out your voice, and can actually cause scaring on your vocal folds. To be honest I will probably still drink coffee! Here are some other helpful articles:

Caffeine Informer

News 18

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