How I Found Feminism

Good morning world! Here’s some early feminism for ya. I am currently running on coffee, gatorade, and a LOT of self love & confidence. Today’s post isn’t just going to be your regular outfit link – let me do that real quick:

I want to talk about how I found feminism, and why I am a feminist. Here’s the Google definition of feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. It is not women wanting to dominate the other sex or other genders. With that being said, let’s begin.

I grew up in a super small town with many closed minded people. I wasn’t very social, because I’d rather lose myself in a good book than go out. A lot of the books I read, and still read, have strong lead female characters. Naturally, 16-year-old me wanted to be exactly like them. I mean, who doesn’t want to save their world and gain all of the powers of the High Lords (@ Sarah J. Maas, side note Tamlin will always be a tool)? Or fly around on a dragon, casting spells and saving Eragon’s ass (@ Christopher Paolini)?

College came and I was scared that I wasn’t going to make friends. Thankfully, most musicians aren’t cliquey and will literally take you under their wing, and tell you all of the things. Fast forward: I had a lot of great female roll models my sophomore year of college *you know who you are*, and am super grateful to them. I still talk to them this day, as a senior in college, and they are like sisters to me.

I have experienced situations in which I am told that I can or can’t do certain things because I am a woman. I’ve been cat-called, most recently as I’ve been staying in the city for my internship. Books, and the strong people whom I’ve surrounded myself with have helped me realize that I have worth. My experiences have molded me into the strong woman that I am today. Not to mention the books that I read as a teenager. They set up the foundation that I based most of my self-worth upon. There are many other non-fiction and fiction books that will sweep you away, and teach you that you should be treated with all of the respect in the world. I love fictional books! I love reading them, and then applying what I’ve learned from them to the real world. My friends were also a big part of why I am a feminist. They’ve shared with me stories that have taught me to stand up for myself, and don’t think twice about it. The combination of these two things made me understand how I should be treated as a woman in today’s society.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this, because I REALLY enjoyed typing it and sharing it with all of you.

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