Summer Self Tanner

Hey babes! I’m linking the two self tanners on Amazon that I just ordered. Although, I haven’t used them yet I am super into this brand! They are made in the US, cruelty free, certified as organic and vegan. I have so many friends who love these tanners! I will update this post with a review later in the week. Click here for the oil, and here for the serum!

REVIEW: I want to start off by saying that I’ve never self tanned before in my life! These products were so easy to use, and I am totally going to be using them for all of my tanning needs. I tanned over night, and I loved it! Really though, I was super scared that I would mess something up (I did lol), but everything went pretty smoothly. Make sure that you don’t put on any clothing for 15 minutes after you apply, and try not to get a lot of tanner on your knees, elbows, etc. I will say that I should have put more on, because my arms are super tan, but my legs and the rest of my body is still pretty pale. Again, I was just super cautious. ALSO, make sure that you rub it all in!! I have a few places on my legs where it looks like I have bruises or freckles lol.

a) mitt kit b) self tanning lotion c) tan extender

7/3/19 UPDATE: Loving all of these products! I have zero time to tan the old fashion way, and this line has helped me achieve my tan goals. The mitt kit is great, because now I don’t have to worry about getting tanner stuck on my hands . The self tanner lotion is my favorite product of theirs: its just like putting on body lotion, and it is the easiest to use! The tan extender is pretty cool too. It helps keep my tan even after a week. I just apply it after the shower, and am set! Really enjoying these products, and hope that they come out with travel sized ones soon.

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