The Coziest Things

I love the winter time! Waking up to snow is my favorite thing. Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite cabin socks, heated blankets, hot chocolate, scarves, and gloves. My boyfriend and I will be going to Canada for a week, and I’m really excited to use all of these items while we’re there!! The items will be linked in the individual store titles.

Cabin Socks

1. Target: $5 – Everyone needs these target socks. I linked on pair, but if you go onto their website there are numerous to choose from! 2. Dick’s Sporting Goods: $13 – If you’re going to be doing some type of winter sport this season these are for you. They are double layered, and aloe-infused for extra comfort. 3. Kiel James Patrick: $35 – If you aren’t following him (and his family) on Instagram, then you should be! They have all of the warm and cozy cabin vibes. I linked all of their socks in the ‘kjp’ shop, because I couldn’t decide which ones I liked best.

Heated Blankets

1. Target: $30 – This is your basic heated blanket. Almost all heated blankest have an hour-based shutoff, and digital controller. 2. JcPenny’s: $38-75 – I really love the style of this blanket! Its chic, it comes in plaid, and a few other colors. JcPenny’s also has a few other heated blankets, and all of the styles are on sale (twin-king)!! 3. ​​Walmart: $40-100 – I have this heated blanket in a twin, and I absolutely love it! It is super soft, and very easy to set up. The price depends on how large you want the throw.

Hot Chocolate

1. Target: $10 – This hot cocoa kit includes caramel bits, mini marshmallows, peppermint sprinkles, and white, milk, and dark chocolate powder. The packaging is super cute, and a really good value for the price. Target is killing the game! 2. Swiss Miss: $15 – You could probably find this at Walmart, but I chose to link it at Staples because of the bulk value. This is my go-to hot chocolate mix, and a large part of my childhood at Christmas time. Don’t forget to buy the mix with marshmallows!! 3. Godiva: $25 – This is the package comes with six dark chocolate powders, and six milk chocolate packets. I personally have never tried this brand of hot chocolate, but their chocolate is AMAZING.


1. Groupon: $10 – This is the largest blanket scarf that I could find. I love the white and grey hues! It would look really cute with a pair of jeans, and chunky sweater. 2. ​Amazon: $15 – This tartan wrap blanket scarf gives all of the cozy feels! I bought this two years ago, and it’s still kicking it. 3. Lulus: $48 – All of the fluff and warmth in this blanket! This one is pricey, but super cuddly.


1. JcPenny’s: $4 – These gloves come in so many different colors, and are extremely fuzzy. They are 100% polyester, and are machine washable. 2. North Face: $24 – Great for skiing, and they’ll keep your hands nice and warm! They are micro-fleece, and stretchy to fit your hand size. 3. Lands End: $38 – Use the offer “CHILLY50”, and they are yours for this price! The inside is cashmere, the outside is sheepskin, and they are tech-friendly.

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