Prague and Vienna

This past Summer I went on a trip to Prague and Vienna with some of my music friends. The main purpose that we went was to create change through music. There is a lot of hate, and pain in the world – my choir director decided to focus on making a positive impact on the views of our audience by selecting pieces that dealt with emotional pain, suicide, and loving each other. It was a life changing experience for me, as well as the rest of my peers.
Being in an amazing city means that you have to do amazing things right? YES.
The first day was all travel – we left from DC, had a lay over in Frankfurt and finally arrived in Prague.

Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

This picture was taken from one of the many bridges in Prague. The architecture is amazing! Most days were nice and cloudy with a sprinkle of sunshine – great walking weather (which I did a lot of).

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

My unofficial day one I toured the Prague Castle. I highly suggest touring the castle if/when you go to Prague, because wow it is amazing (and huge). I’m wearing an American Eagle romper ($40) (out of stock, but linked a similar one here), Madden Girl sandals($30), and my sunnies ($5) are from NY&Co.

Prague, Czech Republic

Okay, time to talk about the food: HOLY CRAP. This is what I had for breakfast every morning – no words. Everything was so delicious! The croissant were the best I have ever tasted, and don’t get me started on the scrambled eggs. So good that when I came home I started cooking them the same way – “European Style” is what my Mom calls them. Of course the coffee from local shops was better than that of Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. I would get either a cappuccino or latte every morning – oh my gosh I need to go back for the coffee. 
Dinner on the other hand could have been better – dumplings. Look, I know that one of Prague’s signature things is potatoes, but could you at least season it? I know I’m getting sassy, but it was almost every night. If you are planning to travel to Prague make sure you try dumplings and meat at least once for the sake of culture!

Prague, Czech Republic

Promise I’m not drunk, just tired! I took this while on a river boat cruise with my bf and some friends. The wind was crazy, and although I look very whisky in this picture, believe me I was freezing. I’m so thankful for my American Eagle sweater, and boyfriend’s hugs.

Prague, Czech Republic

YOU CAN SEE THE BAGS UNDERNEATH MY EYES. Running on coffee this entire trip. I used this photo to market Wear Lively – the leisureé bra and undies company that I am an Ambassador for! I’m wearing an American Eagle romper($23), star necklace from Forever 21 (similar one linked here), and my Soft Pink Long Lined Lace Bralette ($35) from Wear Lively.

Prague, Czech Republic

This was the day we were en route to Vienna! The sweatshirt and soft over-the-shoulder top are both from American Eagle. All of these breakfast pictures are making me hungry. On my way (via bus) to Vienna we went through the Bohemian Mountains, and oh my gosh the pines were beautiful! Getting closer to Vienna, I saw so many sunflower fields – the sights en route to Vienna = gorgeous.

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

The next day the group of us went to Schönbrunn Palace. All of the architecture in Prague and Vienna is mind-blowing, but the Palace was something else. The Schönbrunn Palace rivals that of Versailles in France. Also, my top and jeans are super cute: tank-top from Free People (similar tanks linked), jeans from American Eagle (similar jeans linked), and sandals from Tj-maxx!

Vienna, Austria

Okay, not to brag, but my bf has amazing photography skills. This was taken near one of the many shopping plazas after we bought matching Birkenstocks – yes were that couple (and super proud of it). I’m wearing an off-the-shoudler white with cream detail maxi dress from Old Navy, and my favorite brown Tj-maxx sandals.

Butterfly House, Vienna, Austria

Taken the same day, by none other than my amazing unprofessional-photographer-boyfriend!! After shopping we went to the Butterfly House in Vienna, and it was wonderful. A lot of the butterflies were really drawn to my partner’s shirt, so he made some friends. My sweatshirt is featured in one of the previous photos, my undershirt and necklace – all three are from American Eagle (similars linked).

First photo back in the USA

Stamped and back in the USA!I have to admit I cried on the bus home, and before we left for the US I tried to convince my bf that we could just stay in Europe and work as baristas..But, I’m here and not making any rash decisions (for the time being).
I guess that I’m a traveling girl from now on – I can’t wait for my next adventure. Being in Prague & Vienna was a life altering experience – the culture was so refreshing! All of the different places, foods, and people – it was basically like I was in a really corny movie about love, adventure, and taking chances – and I loved it.
Have any super specific questions about Prague or Vienna? Feel free to send me an email!

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