Creations For A Cause

Hey guys!! After becoming a Creations For A Causeambassador, I wanted to write a review on one of their ‘ambassador bundles‘. I chose to write about ‘The Save The Turtles Bundle‘, because of the recent dilemma with straws polluting our oceans and hurting sea turtles. If you’ve read articles or watched videos about how the plastic straws that we use are not biodegradable, you will definitely want in on this bundle. 10% of the proceeds go to Clean Water, and the the bundle is super cute!
The first thing I see is the packaging: it is a sea-green package with the brand’s name in white on the front (very summery). Opening the package, I pulled out this medium sized card telling me about their mission, what they do, and who they support! Just knowing that my purchase makes an impact, makes me feel great – especially when the merch is chic.

Lets talk about the t-shirt: I ordered a large, just because I didn’t know if it was fitted. Turns out, it is definitely not fitted – if you wear a size medium in a Hans t-shirt, then order a size medium. The shirt is super stylish, and if you are in between sizes: order up, and then tie the bottom of it in a little knot! That is what ill be doing when repping this top at the beach. The material of the shirt is soft, but stiff at the same time.. and its a little sea through (get it?). Moving on to the bracelets: there are two – one is beaded, the other is a chain. The beaded one is not plastic, and the charm is a super cute sea turtle. I’m really digging the turquoise color of the beads, AND real string is holding it together. Although, because of this factor I feel like the bracelet is delicate. The second bracelet, has a rose gold hue to it, and on the chain are a turtle, infinity symbol, and heart charms. “Save The Turtles” is on the main piece of the bracelet, and wearing both bracelets together looks very boho-chic!
Overall, this purchase makes a positive impact on our environment, and is super cute – I will definitely be ordering more C4C merch very soon. 
Make sure you use my ambassador code (esloan27) for an 15% off your order!
What are you doing to make a difference?

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