Beach Please!

This past week I went on an adventure to Ocean City, Maryland. It was a family trip, so it consisted of shopping, sun burns, and a LOT of food – and I need to go back ASAP. 
Okay, so after driving 7 hours I was not up for taking photos.
The second day however, I was all over it! I posted this on my Instagram while hanging out around the pool.  My family likes to do this thing where we get up at 7:00 every morning and bike 6 miles on the boardwalk! Then, we all get breakfast and relax – almost everyday we went to the grand hotel. The restaurant is on the sixth floor and the view is of the back of OC (Ocean City). It’s actually really pretty and scenic than it sounds! My sister, her friend, my bf and I went to the pool after breakfast and tanned. We stayed at the flagship hotel – I do not recommend staying there.. they have mice *enter upside down smiley face*.
But anyway…

Old Navy swim – NY&Co sunnies

I had to take a picture by the sand dunes – it’s like the beach picture. I’m wearing Old Navy swim and NY&Co sunnies in this pic (linked the clearance sunnies). My sister had originally bought this suit for herself, but she gave it to me and I LOVE IT. the open large keyhole is amazing, and I feel soooooo confident in it! I’m not seeing this exact swimsuit on Old Navy’s, but I’m sure that there is a similar one on there somewhere. ALSO, these sunnies were only $5 and I’m all about them. They’re rose gold, in a bigger aviator style and have a reflective film on the outside. 

AE star earrings
AE romper – Tj-maxx sandals – Brooks Brother’s belt

I wore a blue romper with white detail from American Eagle (now $25), silver statement earrings ($1.99 – similar ones liked) from American Eagle, a brown belt from Brooks Brothers, and sandals from Tj-maxx.

This romper is so comfy, my sister bought the same one in peach. Almost every night for dinner I wore my brown sandals and brown belt – I loved how they looked together, and I love the accent that the belt adds to any romper!

So, something very special happened when I posted this photo bellow on Instagram: Aerie commented on it and asked to use my picture for marketing!!! I was so excited I CRIED. I didn’t mention it in the above outfit, but shortly after Aerie commented on my photo American Eagle reached out to me via my post and asked for the same!!! Cried again. I’m going to link both Aerie and American Eagle’s #AerieREAL and #AExME galleries here in the hashtags. I’m obviously wearing Aerie swim (which is out of stock), my NY&Co sunnies ($5), and a beach blanket that my bf bought me *swoon*.Okay so, real talk: my sister and I have always ‘watched our weight’, and tried very hard to be ‘smaller’ – but after going to college I gained weight. My sister is an athlete and tries super hard to stay in shape and ‘look good’ – but after Aerie reached out to me, I really, really really started embracing my body and all of my curves. I have to admit that it is hard being a curvy girl in todays society, but Aerie just made that so much easier, and I am so thankful to them for it.

Aerie swim – NY&Co sunnies
AE dress – Artsy Boho hat

Of course it rained at the beach! But we made the most of it, and took some AMAZING pictures. On the left I’m wearing American Eagle, and my hat is from The Artsy Boho. They don’t have a website yet, but I linked the Ocean City page!

Bonton earrings

Above is my amazing bf and my amazing earrings from The Bonton (earrings linked). I’m also wearing my brown belt from Brooks Brothers even though you can’t see it.

Aerie swim – Artsy Boho hat

I have had this Aerie swimsuit for I don’t know how long. In high school I dropped 30 lbs. – that summer I bought this, and I still love it.
Back in high school I was 170 lbs and 5’6″ – now I’m 195 lbs and 5’6 1/2″ and feel amazing in it. I’m wearing a large in all my dresses and swimsuits from American Eagle! Sometimes I venture into XL for a looser fit too. Size used to matter a lot to me in high school.. but now I surround myself with women who empowered themselves and those around them. 

Aerie swim

The burnt orange – of course – is another Aerie swimsuit! These suits are the most comfortable I have ever worn. The have awesome sales all the time: all swim $25, clearance swim starting at $15, and scattered sales throughout the season.Also, I’m really digging this whole large keyhole style going on. I never thought that I’d look good or feel comfortable in a swimsuit like this, but once I tried it on I had to have it.

Tj-maxx sandals – Tj-maxx dress – Brooks Brothers belt

So I told you how my family likes to eat, right? Hell yes.We went to The Sunset bay side of OC. Which was voted Maryland’s best restaurant in 2011 and 2018! Wow, yes it is definitely the best seafood restaurant I’ve ever been to in all my 20 years of life.My gorgeous yellow dress is from Tj-maxx, but is in fact Romeo and Juliet Couture. My belt is Brooks Brothers and is the same belt from the last few outfits! Honestly, it’s so versatile. The sandals that I’m sporting are from Tj-maxx as well, and can be seen in my previous pictures. My earrings are extremely hard to see, but they are red and got fringe from! I’m super into the fringe scene, and the earrings were a set and only $9. The dress also has straps, but I like wearing it off the shoulder strapless. It is a brilliant wild flower honey, and I so wish I could link it! I bought it a while back, and am not seeing anywhere that you can buy it.

Tj-maxx sandals – AE romper – Olivia & Joy purse

After we left the beach, my sister, her friend and I went to Annapolis to wander through the port and shopping streets. I love going to Annapolis! The atmosphere is so nice – there are so many places to shop, and the coffee shops are really cute.
My romper is American Eagle – the material is striped with a floral design, and the front has buttons (that actually work). The sandals that I’m wearing are the same exact sandals from the previous outfit! Can you tell that I love them? My purse is Olivia & Joy – unfortunately the company discontinued selling in department stores. BUT you can find their bags and accessories on and

The shopping bag I have is from Brightside Boutique – bought a jewelry plate with the saying “I love you to the moon and back” on it. What I regret not buying is some of their soap! Oh my gosh – it is beautiful and smells even better.  

My little family getaway was fabulous! Of course we bickered – as all families do – but all in all I loved the beached and boardwalk, and what little time I had in Annapolis. 
Oh, and most of all of the outfits that I got to share with you 😉

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